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Czterysta lat Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Pocieszenia w Leżajsku

Czterysta lat Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Pocieszenia w Leżajsku

Jackowski A. (red.), 1999, Czterysta lat Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Pocieszenia w Leżajsku, Peregrinus Cracoviensis, z.7..

Nakład wyczerpany.

Recenzje: ks. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski

ISSN 1425-1922

Język publikacji: polski

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Franciszek Rydzak OFM 

 s. 7-12

Wprowadzenie w nurt sympozjum

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Innocenty Rusecki OFM 

 s. 13-26

Początki sanktuarium Matki Bożej w Leżajsku

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Tadeusz Trębacz 

 s. 27-36

Perspektywy rozwoju miasta Leżajska jako ośrodka pielgrzymkowego

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Andrzej Efrem Obruśnik OFM 

 s. 37-50

Treści ideowe obrazu Matki Bożej Leżajskiej

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Benedykt Huculak OFM 

 s. 51-60

Teologiczna treść tytułu "Matka Boża Pocieszenia"

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Ks. Ignacy Dec 

 s. 61-72

Człowiek jako pielgrzym. O pielgrzymowaniu w aspekcie filozoficzno-teologicznym na tle pielgrzymowania do Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Pocieszenia w Leżajsku

Man as Pilgrim. Philosophical and theological aspects of pilgrimising on the example of pilgrimages to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Consolation in Leżajsk

Summary: In the article the author presents a man as a pilgrim. The considerations are divided into three parts. In the first part the author presents the vision of a man - a pilgrim in biblical and theological aspects. He turns the readers' attention to the twofold understanding of pilgrimizing: pilgrimizing in the sense of time and space and pilgrimizing understood as striving at personal perfection. The Bible often shows people who are on their way. At the times of the Old Testament patriarchs and then prophets led mainly nomadic life. Also Jesus Christ wandered around towns and villages teaching and doing wonders. Then He sent His followers with the mission of announcing the Good News. The truth relating to pilgrimizing in the time and space sense is confirmed by existential experience. Each man is conscious of the fact of being a pilgrim on the way which starts with the moment of his birth here, on Earth and ends at the time of his death. The second understanding of pilgrimizing is connected with the experience of spiritual development. A man is capable of striving for perfection by way of improving his knowledge and his moral dilemmas. He has the chance to improve himself and develop in holiness. In the second part of the article the author emphasises the image of a man - a pilgrim in philosophical sense. In doing this, he adduces Gabriel Marcel's philosophy in which a man ("homo viator") was shown as a pilgrim. A human being is never static. It constantly undergoes the process of creation. A man is all the time on his way to realisation. It is as if he were all the time "not ready", "not complete". His development is never complete. He becomes a full personality only when he starts loving others or is capable of offering love to other people. Love has creative abilities and it contributes to the process of creating a man. The author stresses that Marcel's vision of a man corresponds with the phenomenon of Revelation and with the existential experience of a human being. The third part of the article is devoted to the analysis of the presented vision of a man - a pilgrim in context of pilgrimizing to Marian Sanctuary in Leżajsk. In the author's opinion both approaches to pilgrimizing are fulfilled in the process of pilgrimizing to this place. A pilgrim visiting the Sanctuary is not only a wanderer, a pilgrim in the sense of time and space. In the process he also undergoes a revival in a spiritual sense, which is a big step on his way to holiness.

Peregrinus Cracoviensis, 1999, z.7, s. 61-72.

Instytut Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ

ISSN 1425-1922

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Andrzej Efrem Obruśnik OFM 

 s. 73-86

Kalwaria Leżajska

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Oktawian Jusiak OFM 

 s. 87-112

Religijno-społeczna rola Sanktuarium Maryjnego w Leżajsku

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Antoni Jackowski, Izabela Sołjan  

 s. 113-124

Leżajsk w sieci ośrodków pielgrzymkowych Polski

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Czesław Gniecki OFM  

 s. 125-128

Homilia podczas Mszy św. dla uczestników

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Innocenty Rusecki OFM  

 s. 129-146

Kalendarium Sanktuarium Matki Bożej w Leżajsku

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