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Images of weather and climate

Images of weather and climate

Obrębska-Starkel B. (red.), 2000, Images of weather and climate, Prace Geograficzne, z. 108.

Recenzje: Tadeusz Niedźwiedź, Jerzy Pruchnicki

ISBN 83-88424-03-3

Język publikacji: angielski

Cena: 13.65 PLN (w tym 5% VAT).

Publikacja jest do nabycia w Instytucie Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ. Istnieje również możliwość złożenia zamówienia przez internet. Przy zamówieniach on line do ceny książki doliczany jest koszt wysyłki (Poczta Polska).

Spis treści

Prof. Barbara Obrębska-Starkel 

 s. 9-10


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Ewa Bednorz 

 s. 13-18

Snow, temperature and precipitation conditions of winters in Poznań in relation to the Wolf numbers

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (582 KB)

Rudolf Brázdil, Michaela Durďáková 

 s. 19-25

The effect of weather factors on fluctuations of grain prices in the Czech Lands in the 16th-18th centuries

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (166 KB)

Neville Brown 

 s. 27-30

The era of Mongol expansion

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (36 KB)

Tanja Cegnar 

 s. 31-34

Perception of climate from the 15th century up to nowadays

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (37 KB)

Georgie S. Georgiev 

 s. 35-40

Bioclimatic diversity of the regions of Ukraine (methods, results, recommendations)

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (479 KB)

Roberto Muffoletto, Anita Bokwa 

 s. 41-48

The construction of awareness: educational images of weather and climate from textbook to the internet

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (53 KB)

Barbara Obrębska-Starkel 

 s. 49-55

An impact of climate in different scales (exemplified by multi-annual changes in ecoclimate of forest communities)

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (294 KB)

Janusz Olejnik, Andrzej Kędziora, Frank Eulenstein, Damian Józefczyk 

 s. 57-64

The general knowledge and understanding of some climatological phenomena

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (254 KB)

Małgorzata Pietrzak 

 s. 65-72

Climatic and human-related factors in the development of relief (based on historical documents pertaining to the marginal zone of the Carpathian Foothills)

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (53 KB)

Agnieszka Podstawczyńska-Bienias 

 s. 73-80

Intensity of ultraviolet and total solar radiation in Łódź

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (392 KB)

Hans von Storch, Nico Stehr 

 s. 81-86

Anthropogenic climate change - a reason for concern since the 18th century and earlier

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (46 KB)

Maria Anna Szumiec, Danuta Augustyn 

 s. 87-92

Climate and ponds since the Middle Ages

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (265 KB)

Trahel Gerasim Vardanian 

 s. 93-98

River runoff as an indicator of global climate change

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (781 KB)

Krzysztof Błażejczyk 

 s. 101-108

Influence of extremal heat waves on man

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (319 KB)

Oliver Bochníček 

 s. 109-116

Snow temperature measurement evaluation according to the automatic weather station at Chopok during Dec. 1999 - Mar. 2000

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (573 KB)

Elżbieta Cebulak, Pavel Fasko, Milan Lapin, Pavel Stastný 

 s. 117-124

Extreme precipitation events in the Western Carpathians

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (506 KB)

Mihail Daradur, Maria I. Nedealkova 

 s. 125-130

Monitoring and dynamics of climatic extremes

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (196 KB)

Pavel Fasko, Milan Lapin, Pavel Stastný, Jozef Vivoda 

 s. 131-138

Maximum daily sums of precipitation in Slovakia in the second half of the 20th century

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (577 KB)

Henryk Galant, Alicja Węgrzyn 

 s. 139-142

Maximum precipitation in agrometeorological observatory at Felin in the second half of the 20th century

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (202 KB)

Raino Heino 

 s. 143-147

Changes of climate extremes - fact or fiction?

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (40 KB)

Eugeniusz Filipiuk, Bogusław M. Kaszewski 

 s. 149-154

Hot and cold summers in Central Europe (1871-1990)

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (301 KB)

Leszek Kolendowicz 

 s. 155-158

Water vapor and air temperature on days with thunderstorm in Poznań

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (46 KB)

Milan Lapin, Ingrid Damborská, Pavel Fasko, Marián Melo, Pavel Stastný 

 s. 159-170

Scenarios of climatic extremes for Slovakia

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (943 KB)

Ewa Łupikasza 

 s. 171-179

Variability of the extremes in annual course of the monthly precipitation sums in Europe

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (399 KB)

Bolesław Osuch 

 s. 181-192

Variability of potential water resources against the background of annual precipitation changeability

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (598 KB)

Joseph Otterman, Robert Atlas, Joseph Ardizzone, Thomas Brakke, Shu-Hsien Chou, Juan Carlos Jusem, Michael Glantz, Jeff Rogers, Yogesh Sud, Joel Susskind, David Starr, Joseph Terry 

 s. 193-200

Extreme winter/early-spring temperature anomalies in Central Europe

Summary: Extreme seasonal fluctuations of the surface-air temperature characterize the climate of central Europe, 45-60oN. Temperature difference between warm 1990 and cold 1996 in the January-March period, persisting for more than two weeks at a time, amounted to 18oC for extensive areas. These anomalies in the surface-air temperature stem in the first place from differences in the low level flow from the eastern North-Atlantic: the value of the Index Ina of southwesterlies over the eastern North-Atlantic was 8.0 m s-1 in February 1990, but only 2.6 m s-1 in February 1996. The primary forcing by warm advection to positive anomalies in monthly mean surface temperature produced strong synoptic-scale uplift at the 700 mb level over some regions in Europe. The strong uplift contributed in 1990 to a much larger cloud-cover over central Europe, which reduced heat-loss to space (greenhouse effect). Thus, spring arrived earlier than usual in 1990, but later than usual in 1996.

Słowa kluczowe (w języku angielskim): interannual variability, onset-of-spring in Europe, convection-forcing by ocean-to-land advection.

Prace Geograficzne, 2000, z. 108, s. 193-200.

Instytut Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ

ISBN 83-88424-03-3

Pełny tekst (182 KB)

Katarzyna Piotrowicz 

 s. 201-206

Estimation of the methods of the extreme winters classification

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (233 KB)

Zbigniew Ustrnul, Danuta Czekierda 

 s. 207-214

Air pressure extremes during the instrumental observation period in Warsaw

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (387 KB)

Joanna Wibig 

 s. 215-222

Temporal variability of the frequency of extreme temperature occurrence in Poland on the example of Zakopane and Łódź

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (316 KB)

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