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Hydrological extremes in small basins

Hydrological extremes in small basins

Chełmicki W., Siwek J. (red.), 2008, Hydrological extremes in small basins, Book of abstracts of XII Biennal International Conference of Euromediterranean Network of Representative and Experimental Basins, Cracow 18-20 September 2008, IGiGP UJ, Cracow.

ISBN 978-83-88424-38-0

Język publikacji: angielski

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Spis treści

W. Chełmicki, J. Siwek 


Title page. From the editors

Pełny tekst (126 KB)

T. Alkevli 

 s. 15-18

Evapotranspiration Calculations With Noaa-Avhrr And Aster Datas, Afşin-Hurman Stream Example

Pełny tekst (225 KB)

S. Anac, E. Yesilirmak, Y. Kukul 

 s. 19-20

Trends In Precipitation And Streamflow In Gediz River Basin, Turkey

Pełny tekst (31 KB)

V. Anselmo, F. Di Nunzio, F. Maraga 

 s. 21-22

Peak flow modelling related to a small river data in mountain region

Pełny tekst (145 KB)

K. Banasik, L. Hejduk 

 s. 23-24

Comparison Of Pmf And 100-Year Flood Estimated For A Small Agricultural River Basin In Poland

Pełny tekst (35 KB)

M. Barszcz, K. Banasik 

 s. 25

The Analysis Of Flood Phenomenon In Urbanized Catchment - Sluzew Creek Case Study (Suburb Of Warsaw)

Pełny tekst (25 KB)

V. Bartak 

 s. 27-29

Digital Terrain Analysis For Hydrological Modeling Purposes: Introducing And Comparison Of Different Techniques

Pełny tekst (203 KB)

A. Bartnik, P. Tomalski 

 s. 31-33

Problems Of Water Quantity And Quality Monitoring In Small Urban And Suburban Basins In The City Of Łódź Area

Pełny tekst (137 KB)

I.N. Beldiman 

 s. 35-37

Small Mountainous Catchments Of East Siberia - Experience Of Runoff Formation Simulation

Pełny tekst (231 KB)

M. Bíba, Z. Oceánská, Z. Vícha, M. Jařabáč 

 s. 37-42

Long-term measurements of forest hydrology in the beskydy mts.

Pełny tekst (367 KB)

E.M. Biggs, P.M. Atkinson, D.C. De Roure 

 s. 43-44

Modelling Hydrological extremes in the Severn Uplands

Pełny tekst (40 KB)

. Bistinas, P. Warmerdam, P. Torfs 

 s. 45-48

Impact Assessment Of Different Time Scales On Model Parameters For The Small Catchment Of The Hupselse Beek

Pełny tekst (106 KB)

T. Bryndal 

 s. 49-52

Delineation Of Small Basins Prone To Flash Floods Occurrence As A Method Supporting Local Floods Prediction - On The Example Of Southern Part Of The Nida Basin (Poland)

Pełny tekst (352 KB)

J. Buchtele, M. Tesař 

 s. 53-56

Simulation of rainfall - runoff process for evaluation of variability water regime in several small basins

Pełny tekst (335 KB)

A. Canatário Duarte, L. Mateos, E. Fereres 

 s. 57

Climatic Irregularity, Hydrology And Water Quality In An Irrigated Agricultural Watershed

Pełny tekst (68 KB)

Y. Cantón, A. Were, P. Serrano-Ortiz, M. García, S.Contreras4, F.J. Alcalá, L. Villagarcía5, A. Solé, A. S. Kowalski, F. Domingo 

 s. 59-63

Soil water balance in a semiarid coastal range: potential recharge estimatio

Pełny tekst (465 KB)

J. Čech, J. Červenková, M. Váňa 

 s. 65-67

Hydrogeochemical extremes in small forest tributary (Results of ICP-IM station CZ 01 - KoŠetice)

Pełny tekst (71 KB)

S. Chamizo, Y. Cantón2, R. Lázaro1, F. Domingo, A. Solé-Benet 

 s. 69-72

Soil Crusting Effects On Infiltration Under Extreme Rainfall In Semiarid Environments

Pełny tekst (155 KB)

S. Chmiel, E. Maciejewska, Z. Michalczyk 

 s. 73-74

Hydrochemical Characteristics Of Spring Thaw Freshet Of The Upper Wieprz River Basin In Year 2006 (The Roztocze Region)

Pełny tekst (42 KB)

R. Cieśliński 

 s. 75-78

Water Quality In Outlets Of The Rivers In Southern Baltic Coast At Normal And Extreme Conditions

Pełny tekst (148 KB)

R. Cieśliński, R. Bogdanowicz, J. Drwal 

 s. 79-81

The impact of sea-water intrusions on quality of surface waters in small coastal catchments

Pełny tekst (102 KB)

F. Cisneros, C. Coello, J. Feyen 

 s. 83

Mountains Micro Basin Degradation Indicators based in Duration Curves Analysis In The Southern Andes Of Ecuador

Pełny tekst (24 KB)

T. Ciupa 

 s. 85-89

Influence of urbanisation on the runoff exemplified on the Silnica and Sufraganiec catchments (Kielce, Poland)

Pełny tekst (303 KB)

C. Coello, F. Cisneros, J. Feyen 

 s. 91

Assessment Of The Variability In The Hydrologic Response Of Micro-Catchments In The Southern Andes Mountain Range Of Ecuador

Pełny tekst (27 KB)

J. Deelstra, H.O. Eggestad, A. Iital, V. Jansons 

 s. 93-96

Extreme Runoff Conditions In Small Agricultural Catchments

Pełny tekst (320 KB)

M. Dohnal, H. Pavelkova, T. Vogel 

 s. 97-100

Modeling Subsurface Runoff At The Hillslope Scale Using Three Conceptually Different Approaches

Pełny tekst (204 KB)

R.Duffková, A.Zajíček 

 s. 101-103

Recharge zones identification by moisture stress assesment

Pełny tekst (404 KB)

J. Fac-Beneda 

 s. 105-106

Potamic Outflow From Small Lakeland Catchments

Pełny tekst (72 KB)

B. Ferket, B. Samain, H.A.R De Bruin, V.R.N Pauwels 

 s. 107-108

The relative importance of accurate catchment-averaged evapotranspiration inputs versus automatic calibration procedures For operational flood forecasting

Pełny tekst (36 KB)

A.J.D. Ferreira1, J.P. Nunes2, J.L.M.P. de Lima, C. Ferreira1, T. Esteves1, M. Nunes 

 s. 109-112

URBHI - Urban flood risk and pollutant relocation as a result of global change

Pełny tekst (451 KB)

J. Fišák, M.Tesař, M. Šír 

 s. 113-116

Long term monitoring of the liquid water content of the low clouds and fogs in selected mountainous small catchments in the Czech Republic

Pełny tekst (142 KB)

W. Florek, J. Jonczak, C. Princ 

 s. 117-119

The Impact Of Flash Snow-Melt - Pricipitation Flood On Outflow Denudation From Small Lowland Catchments (On Example Of Left-Bank Tributaries Of Lower Wieprza, North Poland)

Pełny tekst (109 KB)

P. Fučík, M. Kaplická, T. Kvítek, J. Peterková, K. Puršová 

 s. 121-125

Dynamics of stream water quality during snowmelt and flash flood events In a small agricultural catchment

Pełny tekst (139 KB)

A.M.J. Gerrits, R.G.W. Venneker, H.H.G. Savenije, L. Pfister 

 s. 127-129

Energy Balance Measurements Of Forest Floor Interception, Huewelerbach Catchment, Luxembourg

Pełny tekst (192 KB)

A. M. De Girolamo, A. Lo Porto, G. Santese 

 s. 131-134

Rainfall-Runoff Modelling And Alternative Scenario In A Small Mediterranean Watershed Using Swat Model

Pełny tekst (127 KB)

J. Gudowicz 

 s. 135-136

Rainfall - runoff modeling of the upper parsęta river basin (west pomerania, poland)

Pełny tekst (68 KB)

R. Hanková, Z. Klose, J. Pavlásek, P. Skalská 

 s. 137-140

Snow Cover Dynamics On Šumava's Experimental Catchment

Pełny tekst (167 KB)

A. Herrmann, S. Schumann 

 s. 141-145

Runoff Formation In A Small Mountainous Basin Dominated By A Fractured Rock Aquifer: Results From The Tracer-Based Integrated Catchment Approach (Ica)

Pełny tekst (241 KB)

H. Hlavata, L. Holko, Z. Kostka, J.Novak 

 s. 147-148

Hydrological regimes of small catchments in the High Tatra Mountains before and after the large wind-induced deforestation

Pełny tekst (39 KB)

M. Hofer, P. Lehmann, M. Stähli 

 s. 149-150

Feedback Between Emerging Structures And Hydrologic Processes During The Initial Ecosystem Development Phase In An Artificial Water Catchment

Pełny tekst (73 KB)

H. Holzmann , G. Koboltschnig, W. Schöner 

 s. 151-154

The Hot European Summer 2003 And Its Impact On The Glacier Retreat In Austria

Pełny tekst (150 KB)

J.F. Iffly, F. Barnich, L. Gourdol, C. Hissler, A. Krein, L. Hoffmann, L. Pfister 

 s. 155

A Soil Water Quality Observation Network For Studying The Influence Of Farming Activities On Water Quality In A Porous Media: A Case Study In The Luxembourg Sandstone

Pełny tekst (27 KB)

W. Jakubowski 

 s. 157-160

The low flow extremes in a small beskydy mts. Experimental watershed

Pełny tekst (386 KB)

K. Jarzyna 

 s. 161-164

The case of extremely low precipitation in july 2006:świętokrzyskie mts. Example

Pełny tekst (395 KB)

M. Kändler, C. Seidler 

 s. 165-167

Hydrochemical Load In A Small River Following Heavy Rain Events

Pełny tekst (119 KB)

M. Kasina, J. Pociask-Karteczka, Z. Ustrnul, J.Niedbała 

 s. 169-172

Extreme hydrological events in the polish tatra mts. Under different air circulation patterns

Pełny tekst (354 KB)

A. Kasprzyk, T. Biernat 

 s. 173-176

Influence Of Land Use On Low Flows Formation (Case Study Of Two Small Catchments At The Malopolska Upland)

Pełny tekst (309 KB)

S.S. Khalighi, E. Shiva 

 s. 177-180

Determination of temporal occurrence of rainfall in ungauged basins (case study: Orumieh-Iran)

Pełny tekst (566 KB)

S.S. Khalighi, E. Shiva 

 s. 181

Introduction to HYGC program for determination of the time of rainfall gravity center

Pełny tekst (48 KB)

J. Kriauciuniene, M. Kovalenkovien? 

 s. 183-186

Dependence Of Lithuanian River Runoff Extremes On Catchment Area

Pełny tekst (251 KB)

R. Kumar, N.K. Goel 

 s. 187-189

Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Using L?moments and Soft Computing Techniques for Sub?Himalayan Region of India

Pełny tekst (48 KB)

M. Kuráž, J. Pavlásek 

 s. 191-192

BOUSSMO - A Boussinesq application for Modrava catchments

Pełny tekst (168 KB)

N. Lana-Renault, J. Latron, D. Regüés1, E. Nadal, P. Serrano 

 s. 193-195

The Influence Of The Seasonal Variations Of Catchment Wetness On The Streamflow Response (Arnas Catchment, Central Pyrenees)

Pełny tekst (109 KB)

J. Latron, P. Serrano-Muela, D. Regüés, N. Lana-Renault2, E. Nadal-Romero, C. Martí, J.M. García-Ruiz 

 s. 197-199

Storm-flow response in a small mediterranean forested catchment (central pyrenees, spain).An example of highly non-linear Rainfall-runoff relationships

Pełny tekst (119 KB)

A. Lenar-Matyas, M. Łapuszek 

 s. 201-204

The Studies On Dry Reservoirs On The Uszwica River In Order Of Flood Mitigation For Brzesko Town

Pełny tekst (495 KB)

A. Lenar-Matyas, M. Łapuszek, J. Szczęsny, H. Witkowska 

 s. 205-208

Development of the small Carpathian catchments for their retaining capacity increase

Pełny tekst (327 KB)

F. Licciardello , D.A. Zema, S.M. Zimbone 

 s. 209-212

Runoff And Erosion Modelling By Wepp In A Belgian Agricultural Watershed

Pełny tekst (154 KB)

M. I. P. de Lima 

 s. 213-214

Runoff From Small Basins Studied From A Multifractal View Poin

Pełny tekst (31 KB)

I. G. Littlewood 

 s. 215-220

Progress With Unit Hydrograph-Based Rainfall-Streamflow Models For Engineering And Environmental Hydrology

Pełny tekst (403 KB)

P. Llorens, R. Poyatos, J. Latron, J. Delgado, F. Gallart 

 s. 221

Effect Of Severe Droughts On Pinus Sylvestris Transpiration In A Montane Mediterranean Research Catchment (Vallcebre, Spain)

Pełny tekst (30 KB)

W.M.J. Luxemburg, A.C. Hoes, M.C.Westhoff, N.C. van de Giesen 

 s. 223-224

Glassfiber Optics Temperature Observations For Detection Of Groundwater Seepage In Polders

Pełny tekst (114 KB)

S. Manfreda, B. Onorati, M. Fiorentino 

 s. 225-226

Runoff Generation Mechanisms Within An Experimental Basin

Pełny tekst (27 KB)

N. Martínez-Carreras, A. Krein, T. Udelhoven, F. Gallart, J.F. Iffly, D.E. Walling, L. Pfister 

 s. 227-228

Estimating Suspended Sediment Sources Using A Spectral Reflectance Based Fingerprinting Approach

Pełny tekst (43 KB)

S. Matreata, M. Birsan, R. Amaftiesei 

 s. 229-232

Extreme flood simulation in small basins, using two - dimensional hydraulic model

Pełny tekst (640 KB)

P. Miklanek, P. Pekarova, I. Meszaros, S. Kohnova 

 s. 233-236

Influence Of Forestation On Runoff In Small Experimental Basins

Pełny tekst (265 KB)

P. Mita, S. Matreata 

 s. 237-241

Extreme phases of the discharge of water on small rivers from Romania situated in different climatic areas

Pełny tekst (365 KB)

J. Moravcová, T. Pavlíček, M. Koupilová, T. Kvítek, J. Váchal 

 s. 243-246

Monitoring and valuation of selected indicators of water quality and nutrients loss by extreme rainfall-drain events in dependence on cultures representation in small catchments

Pełny tekst (191 KB)

K. S. Nair 

 s. 2547-248

Water Resources Management in the River Basins of Peninsular India under Extreme Hydrological Conditions

Pełny tekst (32 KB)

M. Neruda, R. Neruda, J. Šrejbe 

 s. 249

Application of Artificial Neural Networks Modelling to Sázava River Basin

Pełny tekst (78 KB)

P. Normatov, R. Olimshoev, N. Shermatov 

 s. 251-253

Calculation methods for determination of main Characteristic of the Mountain water objects

Pełny tekst (167 KB)

B.E. Nowicka, E. Wołoszyńska, B. Wawrzyniewicz 

 s. 255-259

Function Of Lake Deposits In Underground Water Exchange (Permeability Of Bottom Sediments)

Pełny tekst (225 KB)

J.P. Nunes, J.L.M.P de Lima, A.J.D. Ferreira 

 s. 261-264

Modelling The Impact Of Urbanization On Hydrological Extremes

Pełny tekst (286 KB)

L.O. Olang, J. Fuerst 

 s. 265

Multitemporal analysis of land cover change for flood discharge studies in the Nyando River Basin using Landsat Images

Pełny tekst (30 KB)

M. Osuch, R. Romanowicz 

 s. 267-270

An Integrated Lowland Catchment Model: Upper Narew Case Study

Pełny tekst (186 KB)

L. Outeiro, X. Úbeda, F. Asperó 

 s. 271-274

Reconstruction Of Suspended Sediment Data During Flooding Episodes With Stochastic Simulation

Pełny tekst (193 KB)

G. Pamuk Mengü, K. Topçuo?lu, S. Anaç 

 s. 275

Temporal And Spatial Assessment Of Droughts In Aegean Region, Turkey

Pełny tekst (30 KB)

P. Pekarova, M. Onderka, P. Miklanek, D. Halmova 

 s. 277-280

Mass Balance Of Water Quality Parameters In Small Basins

Pełny tekst (171 KB)

C. Pelissero, F. Maraga, F. Godone, R. Massobrio 

 s. 281-284

New Trends In Stream Runoff And Sediment Feeding Due To Increase In The Vegetation In A Small Basin

Pełny tekst (236 KB)

D. Penna, M. Borga, M. Sangati 

 s. 285-287

Runoff And Water Table Dynamics: Steady-State Assumption And Hysteresis Revisited In A Small Alpine Catchment

Pełny tekst (140 KB)

M. Polemio 

 s. 289

Extreme Rainfall Events And Floods In A Karstic Environment (Southern Italy)

Pełny tekst (23 KB)

C. Poulard, E. Leblois, D. Narbais, S. Chennu 

 s. 291-295

Towards objective design of dry dams at watershed scale : how to take into account the spatial structure of the rainfall and its variability

Pełny tekst (594 KB)

D.M. Pradzynska, T.A. Bogaard, M.C. Westhoff 

 s. 297-299

Spatial And Temporal Variability Of Soil Moisture Patterns Related To Preferentail Flow Measured Using Distributed Temperature Sensing

Pełny tekst (479 KB)

E.P. Querner 

 s. 301-304

Water Management Measures Analysed For Dutch Basins To?Reduce?Flooding

Pełny tekst (298 KB)

R. Ramsankaran, U.C. Kothyari, S.K. Ghosh, A. Malcherek 

 s. 305-308

GIS based hydrological modelling of extreme events in a forested mountainous catchment

Pełny tekst (449 KB)

S. Rusjan, M. Mikoš, M. Brilly, M. Padežnik, A.Vidmar 

 s. 309

Hydrological And Seasonal Controls Of Nitrate Mobilization From A Forested Catchment

Pełny tekst (27 KB)

W. Sae-Chew 

 s. 311

A Study of Disastrous Flash Flood in Khlong U-Tapao River Basin Utilizing a Combined Physical and Mathematical Simulation Model

Pełny tekst (26 KB)

M. Šanda, A. Kulasová, M. Císlerová 

 s. 313-317

Hydrological response of the small catchment examined by isotopic tracers

Pełny tekst (374 KB)

S. Schumann, A. Herrmann, D. Duncker 

 s. 319-322

Evolution and impact of hydrological extreme years in the Lange Bramke basin, Harz Mountains, Germany

Pełny tekst (249 KB)

O.M. Semenova 

 s. 323-325

Deterministic-Stochastic Modeling Of Hydrological Extremes In Small Basins

Pełny tekst (401 KB)

Shiva, M. Mohamad, M. Habibnejad, K. Solaimani, S. Khalighi 

 s. 327

Zonation of proper places for artificial recharge using basin-type recharge (case study: Tehran - Karaj plain in Iran)

Pełny tekst (28 KB)

J.P. Siwek1 M. Żelazny, W. Chełmicki 

 s. 329-331

The Influence Of Water Circulation On Streamwater Chemistry In Catchments Of Different Land Use During Flood Periods (The Carpathians, Poland)

Pełny tekst (121 KB)

M. Sněhota, D. Zumr, H. Pavelková, M. Sobotková, M. Dohnal, M. Císlerov 

 s. 333-336

Field Measurement Of Hydraulic Properties Of Cambisols By Instrumented Infiltration Experiment

Pełny tekst (265 KB)

U. Somorowska 

 s. 337-339

Changes In The Soil Moisture Regime In Lowland Basin Evaluated From Data Representing Current And Future Climatic Conditions

Pełny tekst (103 KB)

J. Soms 

 s. 341-344

Re-Activation Of Erosion Processes In Permanent Gullies As Geomorphic Response To Extreme Rainfall Event

Pełny tekst (152 KB)

R. Suligowski 

 s. 345-348

Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) for a 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- days duration over the Kielce Upland (Poland)

Pełny tekst (219 KB)

R. Szczepanek, M. Zwolska, J. Zoń 

 s. 349-351

Implementation of Google Maps API and XML standard for near real-time monitoring of meteorological phenomena

Pełny tekst (395 KB)

J. Święchowicz 

 s. 353-356

Rainfall Thresholds For Surface Runoff And Sheet Erosion In Agricultural Catchments

Pełny tekst (276 KB)

S. Teodor 

 s. 357

The evolution of the suspended sediment discharge during floods affecting small river basins

Pełny tekst (23 KB)

M. Tesař, M. Šír, M. Krejča, J.Fišák, J.Polívka 

 s. 359-362

Soil water movement during the extreme precipitation in the šumava mts. And in the krkonoše mts. In august 2002

Pełny tekst (277 KB)

E. Tomaszewski 

 s. 363+-366

Seasonal And Multiannual Variability Of Drought Streamflow Deficit In Small Lowland Catchments

Pełny tekst (419 KB)

P.J.J.F. Torfs 

 s. 367-369

Using stochastic disaggregation in modeling poorly measured catchments

Pełny tekst (218 KB)

J. Uhlířová, S. Křížková 

 s. 371-372

Extreme Events And Measures Efficiency In Small Basins

Pełny tekst (37 KB)

N.G. Vasilenko, S.A. Zhuravin 

 s. 373-375

Formation of the rain peak flood discharges in small rivers and their computation

Pełny tekst (47 KB)

D. Viville, G. Drogue 

 s. 377

Conceptual rainfall-runoff models versus field observations during flood events on the small Strengbach granitic catchment (Vosges massif, Eastern France)

Pełny tekst (26 KB)

M. Westhoff, T. Bogaard, H. Savenije 

 s. 379-381

High resolution temperature measurements and hydraulic-energy balance modelling to quantify lateral inflows in a first order stream

Pełny tekst (210 KB)

S. Wrede, L. Pfister, A. Krein, J. Juilleret, T.A. Bogaard, S. Uhlenbrook 

 s. 383-385

A Multidisciplinary Investigation Of Runoff Generation Processes In Two Experimental Headwater Basins In Luxembour

Pełny tekst (127 KB)

A. Zabaleta, J. Uriarte, I. Cerro, I. Antigüedad 

 s. 387-390

Hydrological And Sedimentological Behaviour Of Aixola Catchment (Basque Country) During Runoff Events

Pełny tekst (138 KB)

A. Zajíček,T. Kvítek, M. Kaplická 

 s. 391-393

tile drainage water temperature as an identifier of tile drainage runoff fast component

Pełny tekst (170 KB)

M. Zalewski 

 s. 395-400

Ecohydrology - framework for implementation of ecological biotechnologies in integrated water resources managament

Pełny tekst (400 KB)

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