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Cartographic Collection

Cartographic Collection IGiGP UJ The Cartographic Collection initially belonged to the Library of the Chair in Geography and then of the Institute of Geography. In the the period between the First and the Second World War, when Ludomir Sawicki was the head of the Institute, the collection became separated from the Library. During the Second World War, the Nazi Germans used the possessions of the Institute within the framework of their Ostinstitut. A large proportion of the items, including maps, went missing during the war. What remained was moved from the first to the second floor after the war ended. After 1945 the collection was supervised by Jan Flis, Bogodar Winid, Tadeusz Galarowski, January Słupik, Roman Wolnik, Jerzy Zelech, and, since 1997, by Jerzy Sokołowski. The Cartographic collection consists of maps, atlases, aerial photographs and other cartographic materials. They are an indispensable source of knowledge for students and academic staff, who use them for both educational and research purposes. At the moment the collection contains about 8,000 cartographic items, including historic maps, atlases and wall maps from before 1945, and later maps, atlases, aerial photographs etc. Thanks to purchases and donations, there are more and more items in the collection. About 1,000 historic maps have been scanned in order do make them more accessible. They include a set of maps of Poland issued by the Military Geographic Institute before 1939 and some historic maps of Krakow. Their digital version is available in the bitmap (bmp) format. Since 2000 the cartographic collection has been digitally catalogued. At the moment more than 113 000 items are included in the Computer Map Catalogue, and this number is still growing. The Collection is also fitted with an automated map circulation system and a scanned maps browser. It is a close circuit system.

The collection is housed in the premises of the Natural Sciences Library and supervised by dr Mateusz Troll (tel. 12-664-6832, 12-664-5300).

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